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To get drunk and fuck, so drunk you have sex. Taken advantage of the drunkness.
"I am gonna get druck tonight."

"Woah, drinking and sex, nice"
by durrmaster21 June 05, 2009
a druck is a girl that you would only fuck when you are drunk, you definitely would have to think twice about fucking this girl sober. she would be called a drunk fuck therefore being a druck.
guy 1: dude i'd fuck that girl if i was drunk

guy 2: yeah man she is totally a druck
by DUBMAN69 April 09, 2010
Minor Insult:Telling you to get drunk and calling you a duck as an insult.

Was on msn and with two of my friends, We somehow were talking about ducks and are always talking about getting drunk, one guy got a little angry and said accidently go get druck to the other.
Person A:HAHA, you stupid noob.

Person B:Shut up, go get druck
Person B:Shut up you stupid druck
by Speechless, Jimbob, Paradox April 20, 2004

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