australian slang for cunt.
drop kick and punt. cunt
fuck your a dropkick
by Anonymous September 08, 2003
to beat the living shit out of someone or something
Craig: that cracka called me a nigger
Ray Ray: so what did you do
Craig: i dropkicked his ass clear into next week
by Low Clef April 12, 2004
To drop something on the floor and kick it to make it seem like to did not drop it.
When you order a bbq chicken pizza and one of the toppings fall off and you drop kick it under a table in order to hide the fact that you didn't drop anything.
by Sinfo Girls March 14, 2009
an irish drinking/fighting band that you listin to while drinking beer and cruising;with songs such as fuck you im drunk,irish drinking song and boys on the dock etc.
robert:hey are we gonna drop kick tonight?
Owen:Hell ya, were gonna get fuckin plasterd!
by sweetypi33 October 27, 2008
A small dog that is both stinky and yappy and makes you want to pick it up and punt it like a foot ball.
"awwww cute little drop kick"
by MaddyK March 17, 2006
Britneys McGowans Favorite Word to use when she gets dissed...
"oh hell nah your gonna get dropkicked!"
"Anthony You wanna get dropkicked.."
by britneyfriend1 July 17, 2004
Someone who has entered a country in an unwanted and possibly illegal fashion. A term readily applied (in a racist fashion) against Muslims in the UK, Lebanese in Australia and anyone in Florida.
"What the heck? That guy didn't even speak English."
"I know, just some other drop kick that we don't need..."
by September 30, 2006
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