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having sexual intercourse in the least respectful way possible
This chick wants to get drooped.

Yeah, I'd droop.
by droop the dog August 19, 2010
14 6
A fat man's tits. used to criticize fat men, especially by the beaches. Origninated from the word- droop. droop means hanging/saggy/greasy kinda.

other forms of the word- droopies, droopy ass tits
two kids walking down the lake see a fat man without his shirt.

Kid #1- hey look at that fat ass!
Kid #2- woah!
Fat Man- leave me alone
Kid #1- we would if you would put your shirt on
Kid #2- yeah man put away those god damn nasty ass droops
Fat man- ok ok i will! im sorry.
by Luke Lay February 04, 2008
30 11
One who cries often and/or shits his own pants, and/or has no eye brows, thus giving them the droopy facial feature. Usually a given nickname
Kyle: LOL! Droops just got shit his pants!
Ben: Droops being Droops, look at him cry!
by Cry baby droops August 02, 2010
13 4
A word used to describe a really ugly and bratty girl with a droopy face. The person is usualy someone who thinks they are pretty but are not.
Person 1: "Look, it's Rachel Fastow bitch whore stuckup."
Person 2: "Yeah she's got major Droops!"
by mhmm;) April 21, 2011
6 1
A group of hookers. (8+)
Tony: "damn that girls hot"
Jim: "Are you blind? She's a member of the local droop."
by MuTiL8oR December 28, 2011
4 3
Droops refering to Eye drops

A term one may use when extremly high
ahhhhh my eyes are so red! Will you pass me the droops?
by Ms. Pseudonym January 02, 2011
3 2
To have the droop. To feel slightly down and apathetic, for no clear reason.
Jake: "Something wrong dude? You seem down?"

Colin: "Nah, i'm okay man, just got the droop".
by Captain Y-fronts March 04, 2010
7 6