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The type of people that are very easily mentally stimulated by insignificant things. These things include:
1. Sprinting to the scene like Usain Bolt when a person yells "fight".
2. Watching a season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
3. Witnessing an accident, but only go over to see if there is a chance of a glimpse of a dead body.
Person 1 - Dude, look at them. Sitting down all day watching reality TV.

Person 2 - Yeah, man. I know. What complete droolies.
#morons #gormless #droolys #idiots #unintellectuals
by TheCragifier July 23, 2013
When someone never learns
When someone never understands
When someone is shifty
When someone is wushu washy
When someone is untrue
When someone is a fuckboy
JD is so damned drooly. Where the ef is Joshy? Oh yeah, the Mexicant ate him after he drooled on her right before they both got deported.
#ef #you #droopy #deportation #get #bent
by PineappleJuice February 25, 2015
Excessive salivation onsetting just prior to vomitting.
After a night of heavy drinking Toby woke up with bed-spins and when the droolies set in he grabbed to garbage barrel and barfed his guts out.
#nausea #vomit #bed spins #barf #spittle
by Jamie Andrews October 22, 2007
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