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A drole is something you drole at when you drole. (Means "funny" in French)
"Zoe is SO undrole."
"Rodger drolled your mom last night"
by PengUiiiiiiiiN January 30, 2010
A term used by the Irish to depict something as dull, boring or generally shite.
You, my friend, are a drole, drole bastard.
by Some drole cunt. September 27, 2009
See droll.
Oh how very drole mother!
by William Shake-a-Spear November 23, 2011
1. It's another expression for 'lol' (Laughing out loud)

2. Derived from the French word 'funny'
Omg! Can you believe that he said The bat in the Hat instead of The Cat in the Hat! drôle!

I drôled!
by michie16 November 02, 2010