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Someone who believes in the superiority of Android devices.
"My Droid only crashed 5 times a day, but at least my phone isn't proprietary!" ORLY, you can shut up now Droidtard!
by Bato2001 November 26, 2011
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1. droidtard - noun (drɔɪd-tɑː.d)

someone who ruins a round/match in a videogame for most of the rest of the players.

contrary to a noob or a nub, the droidtard does know how to play, and is well experienced. but the droidtard got interrupted somehow from playing optimal.


"you're lagging you droidtard"
"why isn't that droidtard moving?"

2. droidtard - verb (drɔɪd-tɑː.d)

identical to droidtard —to droidtard

"the game was droidtarded"
"your connection is slow, stop droidtarding and just leave"

3. droidtarded - adjective (drɔɪd-tɑː.dɪd)

to define a round/match in a videogame that got troubled by a or more droidtard(s).

that was a droidtarded game
by you crazy October 22, 2010
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