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1. Initiator places fist outwards palm down

2. Partner places fist beneath initiators 6-12 inches palm up.

3. Both participants rotate each others fist as they would driving a Porshe, Maserati, or Mini Cooper.
Clockwise rotation for the initiator.
Counter Clockwise rotation for the partner until they trade positions(see steps 1 and 2).

4. Whilst doing step #3 both participants must make a crescendoing "whoop" that concludes with the finish.
Seth: Yo dude, we be two totally awesome dudes!
Doug: Hells yeah we be! (Iniciates Driving it Home)
Seth and Doug: whOOP!
Seth: Boy bro, we bees too cool fo' life!
Doug: My dog be illin...NOT!!
Seth: HAHA LOL! Oh Doug, you is a character!

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