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When two people are walking (or possibly running) towards each other and their destinations are in separate directions not having time to stop and chat. The two individuals will engage in a quick greeting/farewell conversation, while still keeping their same pace as they pass each other.

"Drive-by" and "Conversation" = Driversation
*A Driversation may be while walking or walking quickly a light jog or a run*

“Hey Lisa!” (From a far)

“What’s up Arnold!” (From a far)

“Not much gotta go to work.” (Closer distance)

“Yeah me too, we still on for tonight?! (Closer distance)

“Yeah definitely, the concert should be good!" (Passing each other)

"I know right, I've been anticipating their show all week"
(Passing each other)

"Haha, yeah same, I've been listening to their songs all day. (Further distance)

“Awesome, see you later!” (Further distance)

“Bye!” (Trails off)
by PseudonymStudent217 September 28, 2012
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