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1. An incident that occurs when an SUV (usually a Chevy Tahoe) full of young, upper middle class white males who belong to a sort of "gang" called a fraternity, pulls up and the occupants throw beer cans, golf balls, and/or verbal insults at a victim and then peels away.

2. The victim is usually called a "fag" yet is not necessarily, nor often an actual homosexual. The irony is that the victim is called a "fag" by 4-5 males crammed closely together in the backseat of a vehicle.

3. Drive-by frattings while similar to drive-by shootings in style, are not actually harmful, just like frat boys unlike gang members are not actually tough. At worst victims have their self esteem hurt for 2.5 seconds.

4. Oxford, Mississippi is the "South Central LA" of Drive-by frattings. Please use caution when walking, biking, or jogging through such areas.
Screeeeeeech....."hey faaaaaaaaaggggggg!......wooooohoooo!!!!!" screeeeeeeeech (call peels off)

Victim One: "Did someone just through a Titlelist at me?"

Victim Two: "Yeah, good thing they throw like fags"

Victim One: "Must have been a drive-by fratting"
by LordLoudoun June 09, 2011
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