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A regrettably unknown punk-metal band from San Francisco. Their albums include "Bitter Halo" and "Orchids and Ammunition." The band features Chris Koenig on drums, Dave Pearl on the bass, Brain DaMotta on the guitar, and Tyson Yen on vocals.
"Hey! Have you heard "Decontrol" yet?"
"It's a song by Drist."
"Oh, yeah...I forgot they're regrettably unknown. You should listen to them."
by ProudGinger May 27, 2009
1. To drist: A downward fluid-like motion of ones body. Opposite of Stristing.

2. A drist. Lovely locks of hair located in the sideburn area of a beautiful person's head.
1. Stop stristing, you're making me drist.

2. Check out that girl Emilie! I want to diddle her drists!
by meowlerie October 26, 2011
drist is a mixture between drizzle and mist, so a kinda of fine rain that is constant
what is this drist??
by Matthew Sharples March 25, 2005
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