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Possibly the coolest party you can attend EVER. Nothing but hipsters and elitists getting down with the get down and then blacking out. Possible sleeping in bath tubs. Always a wrestling match. Bitches loves sprinkles so there are always doughnuts. A lot of dude on dude action. You never want to miss one of these.
Hey, are you going to Theo's on Thursday for Drinkball?
#party #sprinkles #dude #hipsters #bath tubs
by Laydee Nicklebottoms March 25, 2010
Fast paced drinking game involving 2 vs.2 teams on a beer pong sized table. An unopened beer can is placed on each players corner. A coin is tossed to see which team starts. The object is to throw a ping pong ball and hit the other teams cans then open and chug your beer until they retrieve the ball and slam it down on the table yelling a stopping word of choice. Then a player from the other team gets the second shot, your teammate gets 3rd, and then the last player from the other team goes 4th. The first team to chug both of their beers is the winner and can play next round.

Unlike beer pong, you get to drink to win instead of the other team. Much faster too.
"We should get some people to come over and play drinkball this weekend."
#beer #beer pong #drinking game #ping-pong #chug #drunkball
by getfighted October 05, 2008
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