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A story which has been exaggerated to the point of utter foolishness.
Original Version - "I hit the golf ball and it went near the clubhouse".

Dribblerfied version - "I hit the golfball and it flew through the clubhouse window, ricoched off the fridge, bounced down the hall, entered the kitched and landed in the microwave oven on top of a meat pie that someone was heating. It was perfectly centered in the sauce on top."
by Care Factor Zero November 28, 2006
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When you hear a story from Craig (aka The Dribbler, Lip Service, The Oracle) that is so far fetched that not even a worm would believe it the story has been "Dribblerfied"
"I once hit a golf ball into the clubhouse, through the door, bounced into the microwave and onto the pie, I had to play the shot from the inside of the microwave!!!!!" the dribbler said.

When a story starts with
"At John Sands........" a dribblerfied story will follow

"I once did an Offensive driving course at Calder (race track). We drove the then brand new Monaros with Peter Brock(a late Aussie car racing legend). I did faster lap times than Peter Brock. I was doing 280km/h around a corner and had it up on two wheels, the car was leaning that much that I could've touched the road if the window was open."

Some perfect examples of a dribblerfied story!!!!!!
by BP aka FC, SSDD, Carefactor 0 November 17, 2006

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