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this school is full of fun, smart, intelligent, sexy and non-punk ass bitch people and is notorious for producing BAMFs. Don't mess with a Drexel kid cuz they are sure to make you feel dumb.
Drexel University is the bitchin place to be.
by EJBAMF November 01, 2010
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Clown college and Big5 Rejects of Philadelphia Basketball. It's school that lives off the attention U Penn receives. There is no one famous to ever come from this place and tries to claims it's "commitment to excellence" through how much it's endowment level increase. Drexel tries to claim Temple's connections and Villanova's credibility, but in all seriousness it's more of Junior College that's just buying ads to put it's name on things. About 35,000$ overpriced, meaning it's should cost about 2200$ a year to go. Community College of Philadelphia is more prestigious.
by Depressed Dragon October 11, 2013
Most unsafe university in the city of Philadelphia.
Drexel University is full of punk ass bitches
by DKramer February 19, 2009

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