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The next step above a douche bag. This person is extremely arrogant and annoys every person in any room they enter simply by the act of entering said room. Drewche Bags always ask irrelevant questions to you about themselves and answer their own questions by pointing both their thumbs at themselves and proudly exclaiming, "THIS GUY!" These questions about themselves often refer to sexual acts that either over-exaggerated or never performed. In fact while a drewche bag brags about fucking lots of women he is actually in the closet. Drewche bags also claim to be able to imbibe large quantities of alcohol and not actually reach the point of intoxication even though they are obviously stumbling and slurring their speech after two drinks.(also drewche bags reading this chuckled to themselves when they read the word quantities because of "tities.") Drewche bags are totally unaware that nobody likes them. One final way to spot a drewche bag is the annoying overuse of the phrase, "That's what she said."
Joe is such a drewche bag, we all know he was totally shitfaced and didn't fuck that hot chick last night; then after he told me about it he wanted to know if I would be his cuddle buddy tonight.
by Drew, the original "THIS GUY" April 05, 2009
anyone with the first name Drew who coincidentally is a douche bag; a combination of Drew and douche bag
"Were you there when Drew booed the veterans during the moment of silence at the football game?"

"Yea what a Drewche Bag!"
by E Coli K Mart November 02, 2009
This is a human being (questionably), male, with no soul, no heart, no brain, no conscience, no sense of humor, no concept of morality or loyalty, who also happens to enjoy licking moldy taint.
"Wow, my ex is such a Drewchebag."
by cbisdead November 05, 2010
When a male named drew is being a royal douchebag. But this could also be used for any male when they are being a royal douchebag.
He is being such a drewchebag.
by stacy12345 January 07, 2012
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