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The name given to a person named Drew (or Andrew) when they are in the act of being a douche. Drewches often complain and get into arguments, where they believe they are always right. If a drewche is Italian, they are prone to being bi-polar and watching Jersey Shore. While being douches and all, drewches often have a kinder side in which they are accepting of another's feelings besides their own. In order to tell if one is a drewche one must first be named drew and second be a jerk or not care for other people's opinions (of course this is only when they are in the act of being a douche). Drewche, although it has a negative connotation, is typically used in a joking form.
I accidentally stepped on Drew's rice crispy treat the other day and now he's being a real drewche about it and giving me the silent treatment (little did I know it would be two weeks before I heard Drew speak again).
by Trey2 January 07, 2011
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