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An Andrew sized doobie
Do you have any drewbie snacks?
by DrewBowls December 10, 2010
Usually describing a kid named Drew, but in actuality, he is to cool to just be called Drew, so friends call them Drewbie.
"Oh man! did you hear that Drewbie's the new DJ?"
"Drewbie, your tight bro."

by ROFLCOPTER55 March 12, 2009
a nickname for the name Drew
Drewbie lives down the street
by Lisa McDonald June 21, 2005
A person who is a Drew Barrymore fan.
Mitch: "Hey Tom have you noticed that Oscar rents all of those Drew Barrymore movies, he must be a Drewbie"
by Tim March 15, 2005
A girl who will correct you on the spelling of her nickname. Also, don't become friends with her.
Drewbee is not how you spell Drewbie!
by ThisIsNotRon October 28, 2014
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