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An illness caused by obbsession and love of Christofer Drew (A.k.a. Nevershoutnever).

Signs of Drew Flu may include but are not limited to :

-Singing his songs multiple times in one day
-Peers and realatives getting annoyed by your obbsession
-Knowing everything about him
-Daydreaming about him
I'm in trouble, I'm an addict, I'm addicted to this girl... Uh - oh...I think I'm coming down with a severe case of Drew Flu!
by SickofLove December 06, 2010
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This epidemic predominately circulates the Nevershoutnever! (and/or) Eatmewhileimhot! fangirl society.

Where can you find the victims of this disease?

-Never Shout Never page on Facebook.
-Live performances
-Possibly even in your teen sister's bedroom...

How can you recognize a female carrying this disease?
-Her YouTube name will most likely have 'x's in it, for instance: XxMillieMonsterxX (aka a scene tween)

-Her grammar will most likely be horrid, consisting of the usage of 'q's instead of 'g's because they think it looks cooler or something...

-She will most likely use ecsessive amounts of exclamation points and virtual hearts "<3"

-She will constantly be ranting on how she "raped the replay button" because she finds that to be clever, though we're all really sick of that saying.

Though these are the main ways to spot a die-hard fan, you might be surprised to find who really is a fan of Christopher Drew Ingle. Though they might not be fanatical for him, they equally enjoy his music.
Drew Flu fan: "omq!!1!!11 i <33 him soo00o0 muchh!!, i just rapedd the replay button!!!11! lololol like my nsn shirt?!!? its the sexxx nd imm werinq it 2 his concertt!!"

Inconspicuous fan: -sets iPod to shuffle Nevershoutnever! while doing Algebra homework-
"I'm happy knowing that you are mine...." (:
Fact: His music automatically puts you in a better mood.
by JustPiichi April 03, 2011
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The act of revolving your world around Christofer Drew. It's like BieberFever, but instead of Justin Bieber you're addicted to Christofer Drew (Singer of NeverShoutNever!, Eatmewhileimhot!, and Christofer Drew and the Shout!). You have the DrewFlu when you are completely addicted to all of his music and him himself.
I've listened to The Yippee EP at least 1000 times! I think I've come down with a case of DrewFlu!
by aatdwpnsn August 19, 2011
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