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Drew is a girl who is caring. She is a beautiful lady. She is very athletic and play as much sports as she can. She is a very good friend and will always be there for you. She can be a bitch so you better not mess with her. You are rude to her, she give it 10x worse back. She would do anything for her crush. She is crazy always ready for fun. Also many don't like her because she is cocky at times, but if anyone really got to know her they would love her.
Boy: Man Drew is pretty and funny! I wish she wasn't taken!
by ihaveNOideaMAAM December 28, 2012
8 5
Past tense of, draw.
This is my friend Drew, you know... like draw but past tense.
by carnitos February 23, 2010
391 302
Sarcastic, funny, charming, guy who's always there for you. A little mature for his age, with the ability to have girls falling for him nonstop (older women too). Can be a complete asshole sometimes, but he's still sweet. He's gentle and encouraging and has an AMAZING body! DAMN!
Look at him, Damn he got a Drew body!

I stay fallin' for Drews nonstop.
by Layna P June 30, 2011
190 113
Usually a male, he has the ability to persuade any girl into doing what he wants with his stunning great looks, he is usually very good at all sports and would do anything for that one girl he loves. He's Very sweet and caring. He'll always be there for you.
Drew, Handsome fella, Hot, Sweet
by James Jackson985 November 11, 2011
147 78
A charming and sweet asshole, has the tendencies to have a smart mouth and be extremely sarcastic, but cares for everyone. He's nice when he wants to be and can make a girl fall for him in just the snap of a finger. He loves sports and his favorite colors are usually yellow, blue, and green. He has a playful attitude and is happy most of the time.
Allie: "Drew is such an amazing guy."
Everyone else: "I know."
by fallingforyous April 04, 2013
13 1
Often Hyper, laughs at most things, used to act black, changed over the summer of 2011, Stoped being Obnoxiousness,
dude drew isnt acting black anymore!
its a miracle!
by pkhacks November 16, 2011
17 9
a name that could be used for a boy or a girl. In this case a girl :)

Drew has a great personality and is a very friendly, energetic, and outgoing person. Can be shy at times. She is very athletic. and LOVES to have a good time. She enjoys doing simple things like sitting and looking at the stars or just swinging on swings at the park. but she can also be complex at times. Drew has gorgeous hair and well... pretty much everything else too ;D if you ever meet a girl name Drew she is very rare and you should keep her in your life! shes definatley worth it. Drew is very loyal to all of her friends and family and is very trustworty!
person 1- "hey whos that girl over there? She seems like she has a great personality... which is rare now a days! :)"
person 2- "thats Drew :) shes amazing!"
person 1- "you can tell shes awesome just by the name. i should go introduce myself"
person 2- "go for it! :) you wont regret it!
by yeahyouknowwho;D August 29, 2011
19 13