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Why you looking me up? Did you like me? Do you think I’m hot?

You want to know this girl Dreena but will she let you? Dreena is an elitist and very few can run in her circle and pull off being like her.

Dreena: Dreena is a variant of Alexandrina…..the root is Spanish and the meaning of the name is “Man’s Defender”! Dreena is a defender of Mankind!

She is the first Egyptian-Mexican, on record, to be nominated for a homecoming court. She is the Jackie Robinson of nominees in this arena. This impossible feat was accomplished at South High School in Torrance , ca and is remarkable due to the large Anglo-saxon and Asian population.Color barriers are broken for all future Egy-exicans.

Dreena, is considered a "goddess", in some Mexican religious circles. In worshipping her and buying her religious “trinkets” the stories are told that you will find fame, fortune and facebook friends!

She is smart, sassy, sexy, and loud and the female version of a hustla. She is frugal and only shops at the 99 cents store and Goodwill to upkeep image. Her motto is “you don’t have to be a millionaire to look like one”!

Found on Facebook 24/7. Hence, the term "FB Hobo" was coined. She is an A-list FB Hobo, with FB street credit. She swears that she gets more hits on FB than Google. She is the self-proclaimed "Lady Google" (this is still under debate among scholars).
Man#1. What’s up Dog? You pulling a Dreena?

Man#2 You’re Crazy….there’s no way I can ever pull a Dreena….that’s impossible!
by tr353r February 04, 2010
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