the greatest and yet mosted fucked up movie i've ever seen.
i went and saw dreamcatcher last night, it was fucking weird. my favorite part was Donnie Wahlberg as Duddits. it was an oscar performance. my favorite part was when he says "I DUDDITS!!!!!" and then turns into this crazy alien and goes to town on Mr. Gray.
by Anonymous March 24, 2003
A sexual act involving the male participant ejaculating upward; their partner then attempts to grab. or "catch" the semen out of mid-air.
Aaron: "Dude, I totally got with Sally the other night!"
Jake: "No way thats awesome, how did it go?"
Aaron: "It was so hot, she sucked my dick and then gave me the dream catcher!"
by Awesome The Opossum June 30, 2012
When someone give a blowjob/handjob while someone is sleeping, then places sleepers cum in there own mouth.
dude, i totally gave you a dream catcher last night
dude, what the fuck?
by kwpk479 March 02, 2011
Underwear sleeping garments. Not limited to shorts, sweats or oversized t shirts.
Bro 1 "And interesting dreams last night? "
Bro 2 ".........Shoot. I can't remember. Hold on let me go look at my dream catcher. "
Bro 1 "Where you going?"
Bro 2 " laundry room."
Bro 1 " Dropping a load?"
Bro 2 "Maybe. But first I gotta see if I jizzed in my underwear. "
Bro 1 "Righteous."
by jockstrap on June 25, 2014
when a man, ready to cum, pulls out, rips off condom and throws it against a nearby window. The circular condom head and hanging body of the condom resembles a dreamcatcher.
After pizza, beer and sex, she looked up to notice the dreamcatcher on her partially open window.
by Sturdy Wings May 08, 2009
Another name for a maxi-pad used on fat, ugly, undesirrable women since her dream's of having a child is just and always will be a dream
by T.S.14 January 24, 2010
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