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An alternate spelling of "dry"
The air is dray out today, don't get dehydrated.
by DKLONE June 28, 2007
The coolest mother fucker ever. He is me. Don't be jealous. :)
"Who is that fine piece of ass?"
"That's Dray, he's a good fuck."
by Dray Bomb January 30, 2005
D-ray is a nickname. It is short for the nickname of deathrays. It is givin to a person that has a glare, or tends to look at people with a unique look. Usually with a non friendly expression.
D-ray looks so scary when he looks at me.
by Kenny Le January 30, 2008
A common term for people who are named Drew and are gay.
That stupid idiot is such a Dray.
by YodaJuice April 12, 2005
A universal insult. Derived from someone who is un intellegent and is friendless
What the Dray?
Soulja Dray!
Who the dray was that?
You dray!
by Blaah 69 November 10, 2008