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A defensive act attempting to disguise the successful work of one practicing speed cocking by quickly transforming the phallic drawing into something else. Common drawn cock disguises include spaceships, ghosts, test-tubes, etc. However, the most common (and effective) disguise is to render the cock drawing into a Viking by adding horns and rendering long barbaric hair and moustache. Note that an axe is optional. Clear giveaway to "drawing Vikings" vs. real Viking doodles are the usual varying ink color in horns and helmet and face from general head construct; also, the failure of the artist to satisfactorily explain the small slit on the very top of the Vikings helmet. NOTE: Drawing Vikings is made much more difficult with the addition of testicles and pubic hair.
Teacher- "Scott, what on earth are you doing to your English book?"
Scott- "Nothing...just doodling"
Teacher- "What on earth is that you are drawing?"
Scott- "Nothing...just drawing Vikings!"
by Jack Stanzyck October 17, 2006
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