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Pronunciation: \ˈdr-ahm\
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): dramned; dramn·ing \ˈdra-miŋ\
Etymology: Rooted in the word damn, which comes from Middle English dampnen, from Anglo-French dampner, from Latin damnare, from damnum damage, loss, fine. Combined with Middle English dreem, from Old English drēam noise, joy, and Old Norse draumr dream; akin to Old High German troum dream. First used on Falmouth Avenue in Playa Del Rey, California - formerly the California Republic.
Date: September 2009

1: a dream that incites a feeling within the dreamer - often of anger, guilt, or anguish towards an individual in which they have no responsibility
The dramn was the reason she was angry with him when they awoke after a peaceful evening.
by see double u em October 20, 2009
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