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When Inter-department romantic relationships occur between drama students (who spend way to much time with another to begin with). It begins as the magical union of two free spirited, dedicated actors - they play together on stage and off. Then, it crashes and burns - leaving the department in social ruins.
Bobby: "Have you heard, Eric started dating the first year Latoya?"
Erica: "Oh my gosh, that is such Dramascest - can't he find someone outside of the department?"

Corinna: "So, my kegger sucked balls the other night - no one showed."
Carlya: "why?"
Corinna: "Dramacest made it too awkward for anyone to be in the same room for long periods of time..."
Carlya: "fucckkkkkkk dramascesstttttt. Why can't drama kids date business majors?"

Twitter: #Dramascest #ruinsfunthings #neverworthit #why
by Winedrinker14 April 04, 2014
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