An annoying person, often male, who reenacts things theycsaw in movies or on TV to look cool, but they eventually end up looking like fags.
When Michael told Charlie "Why did you do it? Why? Whyyyyyyyyyyyy?!!!!!!!!!" in the way he saw the movie character do it, he thought he looked cool. That's when Charlie found out he was a drama queer and decided to never hang out with him anymore.
by ctsux May 28, 2012
Top Definition
(n) the male form of drama queen. tend to obsess and whine over the tiniest problem due to their incessant need for attention. often characterised by their flamboyant behavior.
"Andre is such a drama queer."
by jflanzz January 16, 2010
The equivalent of Drama Queen for masculine sex
-"OMG I can't believe that Joey is hitting on my ex-girlfriend. Why is he doing that? That,s no cool, I'm gonna tell everybody and ruin his reputation."

-"Dude, you left her. They have the right to do whatever they want together. Stop being such a drama queer about it.
by Ideosynchronicity August 21, 2009
Occurs during common error while writing when the 'n' isn't completed, accidentally making an 'r'. The intended word is drama queen.
Shutup, you drama queer.
by MrAwesome009 March 18, 2008
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