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An indigenous race of over 75 year-old sub-human females, who first habituated the darkest and most secluded caves of the Pyrenees. During the 19th century , as a result of racial predigest from a neighboring Tribe (The Hams) , a predominant number of the Draics migrated to human urban and rural environments, killing human parents, taking host of their infantile young, assuming the role of ‘Grandmothers’. They can be distinguished by their hairy and wrinkled facial complexion, stunted growth, and a hunched back. Shopping trolleys are an ideal method of transport for Draics, while umbrellas and handbags, serve as formidable weaponry.They possess an untamed lust for supermarket coupons and are rumoured to be able to conjure the perfect cup of tea.
Examples can be found wherever coupons are distributed.
by Edel Murray March 31, 2005
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