usually two tails coming from the back of the hair. Can be one side only.
zomg Vk, leave ma dragon tail alone, i think you should cut your fringe
by Mr.Dragontail October 25, 2007
Top Definition
When a man puts his facial hair in some sort of tie/tail. They aren't pony-tails, they aren't pig-tails, they are DRAGON-TAILS.
Bloodaxe's chops are so long he makes two Dragon-Tails out of them.
by Goodz February 01, 2008
(n) 1. a long line of congested highway or road. see TRAFFIC
2. a line of people waiting to get somewhere

see also: dragon's tail, traffic
"God damnit! We would have been on time if it wasn't for that friggin dragon tail"
by joe porter March 25, 2003
v. the continual attachment of a smell, as from farting, while one moves away from the location where said smell was vented. Not to be confused with "cropdusting" where the scent is meant to stay in a particular area or adversely affect target(s) in one's wake; dragontailing.....entails...the scent moving along /with/ one's person.
I farted when I left work, but it dragontailed me all the way to the parking garage.
by Faelanisntmyrealname May 28, 2010
When you fart in one place and the smell follows behind you into another room.
Eric: aaahh, what the hell is that smell!!!
Mike: what?
Eric: Dude, did you just fart?
Mike: yeah, but i did it outside
Eric: dammit man, you dragon tail that fart into the room.
by Roman Warren May 21, 2008
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