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The moment after an anal creampie, when the girl (guy?) goes to fart out the excess, and it is lit on fire by a match or lighter. Also known as the Brazilian lighter stunt.
I was on the set the other day, and as I went for the Dragon Puff she spray farted chocolate rain on my face and burnt off an eyebrow.
by Upstate Livin March 15, 2011
a gentleman, a scholar, and a lover.
That guy was such a pimp, what a dragonpuff!
by noah....webster September 08, 2010
A puff Of Cinnamon that comes out of your mouth when you eat the Cinnamon from the Cinnamon Challenge.
During the Cinnamon challenge John spewed the Dragon Puff out of his mouth.
by AlaskanTiger December 14, 2009
The act of smoking cannabis through the vagina.
Yo dawg, that bitch just dragonpuffed! She's totally mashed!
by Cheese'n'shit January 19, 2011

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