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The Enourmouse cock of a dragon
Holy Shit Did you see that dragon Cock
by Baby Jebus August 09, 2008
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A very large, powerful penis. Can be used as a weapon against unsuspecting bad guys.
Dude hurry up! That guy has a dragon cock and he is coming to get us, we need to get out of here!
by DC&TP February 08, 2010
A picture of a man's penis tattooed and pierced to look like a dragon. Pictures saying "y hello thar, dragoncock" exist.
Have you seen the dragon cock? I can't believe someone got their dick tattooed to look like a dragon.
by fanglekai August 30, 2010
An unbelievably large cock, normally found on Norwegian men.
Also often found on men named Ty H.
"Holy shit, look at that dragoncock!"
by LOOOOLA March 27, 2008

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