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This is usually directly related to eating spicy foods, causing a burning sensation on your pooper.
The Spicy Shrimp gave me a bad case of Dragon Ass.
by Nuceypoo September 23, 2008
A derivation of the term "dragging ass" used by stupid people that can't spell or quite often even read.
The proper usage would be for example...when watching a football game " What's up with the team today, they're all dragging ass out there They must have been up all night drinking and drilling skanks before the game!"

Improper use..."all the players have DRAGON ass"
by backspinboy September 15, 2011
Caused from eating spicy food, especialy mexican food. Its as spicy on the way out as it is on the way in.
After eating at Taco Bell Larry had a bad case of dragon ass
by Eric and James December 23, 2008
What you get when you combine Eastern foods, Southern Foods, and a large case of tequila.
Holy GOD! After last night, Derrick totally wrecked Sophie's bathroom. The hazmat team quarantined the entire block as indefinitely inhabitable.

Oh shit, that was probably a bigass party.

Nah man, Dragon Ass!
by TM2180 September 15, 2011
When one eats too much of an Asian dish one might come down with a case of dragonass.
That curry chicken gave me a serious case of dragonass!
by Ajm/sage October 16, 2010
Extreme burning sensation after a long evening of booze and spicy foods causing an anal flamethrower affect.
Man that curry gave me some meanDragon Ass this morning.
by oHEAVYo December 03, 2011
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