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America's #1 commodity from America! He is one of Leland the cough drop's friends, and has starred in over 30,000 movies all by himself. Such as, "3, 2, 1, Dr. Tran," "Operation: Dr. Tran," "Oh Shit, It's Dr. Tran," "'Q' is For Dr. Tran," and many, many more. He sells ice from a store outside his house, and has had many adventures with his friend Hotel Soap. He has his own fan mail show, and he owns a Ph.D. in KICKING YOUR ASS! And he will kill your mother with a broken lawn chair.
Dr. Tran: "I'm not a moccodity!"
by Sora2767 July 09, 2010
One of Dr. Tran's friends who has a room full of Dr. Tran items, such as Dr. Tran's Peanut Butter Square Quest Game, and a Dr. Tran bedsheet set, and many Dr. Tran posters. But, although he has these things, he still does not believe Dr. Tran is famous. Leland has a senile grandmother named Grandma Norma, who keeps running over little boys in her station wagon while taking Leland and Dr. Tran to Toy Cack with ice cream. Leland owns his own little store called TITS, where he hits babies with bricks and "knows how to handle a woman when she gets out of control." Leland is a cough drop, obviously
Leland the cough drop(advertising for TITS): "Anybody got a good woman? I know how to handle a woman when she gets out of control!"
by Sora2767 July 09, 2010
The little funny character from the Dr. Tran series who thinks everything is F**KIN WONDERFUL! He has cute little "perfumed balls" that never get dirty or stinky and he eats cocaine, because "Cocaine is vitamins for Hotel Soap!" He's so clean and confident and he always helps out Toy Cack with their advertisements. He has a very high pitched voice and is always proclaiming that it was f**kin WONDERFUL, and the shave ice babies always follow him around like groupies.
by Sora2767 July 09, 2010

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