A rapper or dj that is lame. Also known as Dj Compact. Compact refers to brainsize in this case.
yeah i tried dj-ing once, but i came no further than Dj -the fuck- compact hamstah level. Daimn.
Top Definition
the name is a kinda wannabee cool rapname that sux bigtime
its used in holland for someone who thinks he is a totally hot, but in fact he stinks. A lot.
Look theres R kelly with his 12 year old girlfriend, she really thinks he is da shiznit, but in fact he a typical Dr.Compact.
by kukel June 08, 2003
An uber loser rapper wannabee who doenst even try to be black
woooooooow look at him! in highschool he was a nerd but look at him now!! he became dr compact! Damn he rules. Not.
by T-man June 10, 2003
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