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The most intelligent, talented, noble and stunning African American (Black, Negro, whatever) woman the world has ever seen. (apologies to my mother)

It's haaahrd to understand her politics, her callous embrace of warmongering, and her selection of dumb and dEVILish friends, but girlfriend is smaaahrt.

"Go Girl" doesn't even't say it.
At her Senate confirmation hearings, Dr Condoleezza Rice made US Senators (the only elected officials who weild power comparable to the President, in the word's supreme superpower nation) who argued with her look like bumbling ignoramuses.

Even when the Senators were right, and morally had Dr Condoleezza Rice up against a wall askin' haaaahrd questions, Rice flicked them away like flies. She's kinda like Wonder Women deflecting bullets with her bracelets, yet without breaking a sweat.
by Jock January 29, 2005

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