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1: A perason that plays duck duck goose and runs around rocks trying to catch other person
2: Gets out of tank when the last 1 alive so he can be killed as well cuz he feels left out and scared that he is by himself
3: Onewho does not like to be surrounded by armor and being protected from all harm!
1: oh look we can win now cuz he is protected and they cant kill him i hope he doesnt pull a DPAK
2: as long as he doesn not DPAK we will win this game!
3: i cant believe he just DPAK'ed wtf is wrong with him?
by Cisko August 10, 2006
sub-way hater; someone who is so jealous of skinny people that they hate healthy food places.
Just because your obese doesn't mean you have to be a D-PAK!
by Anonymous October 15, 2003
someone who tries to get a diet but fails miserably at it

a physically well-rounded person
OMG look at the d-pak

yea he must have eaten 5 donuts in less than a second

by jimbob October 12, 2003
Best baller alive.
You know the D-Pak.
by John William July 27, 2003
dude you are so d-pak
by deepak October 13, 2003