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doza is a compliment. when you call someone doza or a doza it means that they are nearly perfect. usually describes a male who is goodlooking and charming. he is nearly a total package. the opposite of a doza is a al-ger.
Becky : did you talk to Joe last night?
Carol : yeah
Becky : How is he?
Carol : well he isn't much of a doza.
Becky : aw bummer
by Jacob Jefferson January 28, 2008
Basically a reverse shocker. It's when a man or a woman gives a female mammal sexual stimulation via both their ass hole and vaginal cavity. This is done by applying the index finger into the snatch of the female mammal, bending the middle finger back into the palm of the hand, then applying the ring and pinky finger into the bum-hole of the being. In short it is "One for the pink, two for the stink". One of the more pleasurable sexual acts one could preform on a Morman.
Smell my fingers, my index smells like fish while my ring and pinky smell like shit. That's because I gave the bishops wife the doza.
by Stan Hammers March 23, 2007

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