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Paranoid, soft cunt, delussions of gangster, isn't 'onto' it.
Says he quits weed when he doesn't.
Leaves at the first sign of 5-0.
Buys a £10 bag, has 2 tokes n gives the rest away!
Says 'lad' far too much;
"what lad?!" "yeah lad" "ey girl" "wot lad?" "nah lad" "shut lad" "jib lad"

Doyle is the paranoid master, and he's gone in 60 seconds if you say theres a kickoff.
by Gangster of Town Lane March 29, 2005
Common last name of a extremely sexy male or female. Doyle's enjoy tormenting their prey by being extremely seductive, causing the prey to lust after them and become completely aroused.

"She was definitely a fucking Doyle. After she walked by, I quickly had to run to the bathroom."
by Doyle14 September 05, 2008
Means a sexy mo fo, who is a crazy ass genius that no one understands. He is able to think out extreme thoughts from taking over a country to fucking his bitch of a boss over. He is one not to piss off because the aftermath of his pay back will be a long slow hell.
Damn dude you pissed Doyle off, he is now about to take your girl and get you fired.
by Cooter89 September 05, 2010
Someone who is intelligent, tactful, and is sought after by females around the world. See also handsome.
Wow, look at that incredibly handsome man over there. He is like a total doyle.
by Anonymous February 06, 2005
A word solely used by two specific people who usually don't have anything to say but want to acknowledge each other's presence and want to say something, anything.
Belle: ... Moment of silence
Swaggies: Doyle!
by BV-way October 13, 2011
Used by way of grouping numerous acvities performed by couples. If you and your partner are in the mood for a lazy night on the sofa, watching a DVD, enjoying a bottle of wine, in comfy clothes, a bit of kissing, touchy feely, falling asleep, relaxing etc then to say Doyle covers all these.

Try it! Doyle!!
You fancy a doyle tonight Nic?

What did you do on Sunday?
Nothing but doyle all day with Paul...
by Paul Hinchy October 03, 2007
to pinch or queeze someone's butt
I have a black and blue mark from when you doyled me!
by Megan McDonough March 26, 2008