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The better one.
Downingtown West>Downingtown East
by mcotton October 15, 2009
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The lesser of the two high schools in the Downingtown Area School District.

Instead of doing schoolwork, or practicing sports, they go on sites like Urban Dictionary and Youtube making videos and definitions trying to prove that they are better than East.

The Proof? East's higher state testing scores, percentage to college AND college rankings of which graduates have attended, the athletic dominance of East over West, and the awards and state/national recognition given to East AND its teachersfrom national and state magazines.
West Kid: "Yo man, Downingtown West is so much better than East! Just go look up 'dwest chillin' on youtube, and all the definitions on Urban Dictionary!!! The proof is all right there!! K, now I'm gonna go have sex in the main lobby"

East Kid: Alright, while you're doing that I'm gonna go to my pitching lesson, then study for my AP Biology test tomorrow, both with the knowledge that we raped your football team and almost made it to the state quarterfinals. Oh Yeah, and dwestchillin is just a sucky 'copy-cat' act of D-Town State of Mind. Which failed. Kbye.
by eib13 December 22, 2011
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Downingtown West mascot: whippets....doesn't that explain everything...drugs, fake gangs, and poor fake ghetto kids that think they are better when in actuality east bought the scoreboard and were smarter...that is the definition of the west campus...dont think that you are originals just cause youre at the same shitty school, um, it split.
downingtown west: go back up the hill
downingtown east: SAT's
downingtown west: STD's (when in actuality west def. has more), its our field
downingtown east: we bought everything
by goooooobbbb January 21, 2008
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