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The phenomenon that outdoor runners may experience wherein one runner, while tackling a particularly daunting incline, crosses paths with a runner enjoying the downhill while traveling in the opposite direction. The uphill runner might inwardly direct strong feelings of jealousy toward the downhill runner's good fortune that can only come during the exhaustion and red-faced all-out effort of a literal uphill battle. This is downhill envy. In special circumstances, such as those in which the downhill runner offers audible or visual expressions of encouragement or solidarity, downhill envy may even manifest in the uphill runner's outward utterance of disdain at the downhill runner's perceived condescension.

See also: Uphill Empathy, the sister term of Downhill Envy
Friend: Hey, how was your run?
Runner: I've had better. I was trying to haul ass up this one particularly vicious incline, but it was a serious struggle. What made it worse was this guy happily bounding down the hill in the opposite direction.
Friend: Damn. Downhill envy.

Runner: Mmm hmm.
by oversmashed July 22, 2014
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