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According to the Oxford English Dictionary (7th ed.): "an odd fossil, originally thought to be that of the extinct chatterbird." Derived conjecturally from the Middle High German "duhvap", ("cretin", "tard").
"He posts crap all over Usenet. He's nothing but a damn Dowap."
by Luther Blissett January 15, 2004

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Another slang word used in Long Island and New York for ]heroin
Yo bro, you got any of that dowap?
by Paul Cozzolino August 07, 2006
by far the most-spnaked usenet troll in history. so far there have been over 130 new groups created to spank, er... i mean "honor" him.
"duh. i've been spnaked by biff again. he 0wnz me. duh."
by luther blissett January 14, 2004