Small town in southern Canada close to the border. The only reason this town has become so popular is due to it's the Canadian version of Laguna Beach (next to Wasaga), as well as its 1-3 times a year celebration on friday the 13th. the teen population there is the most balling group of kids. They have adopted their own language which surrounding towns don't fully understand . They are commonly known as 'Dover Kids' and this applies to basically everyone within the city limits and anyone who lives along the beaches. There is a main group of these kids about the size of 150 people. Dover Kids who attend different high schools are often pointed out by their reputation of being a dover kid. Activites include pier jumping, skating, longboarding, skimming, swimming, and tanning in the summer and basically nothing besides hockey and house parties in the winter. Everyone wants to be a dover kids best friend in the summer so they can attend their parties and go to the beach. Besides these factors dover was previously notorious for high cannabis use.
Im going up to dover this weekend so I can hangout with the dover kids and smoke some weed
by eractondyllaeri May 14, 2011
Top Definition
An extremely bad case of Diarrhea, leaving you bed ridden and delirious with fever.
Keith can't make it to work, he's got a really bad case of the Dovers.
by MrGingerTea November 29, 2010
Proper noun. Town on south east coast of England. Pop. around 35,000, 22 miles from Calais.

Key features: Magnificent castle, Roman Painted House, stunning cliffs, United Kingdom's busiest ferry port. One of the Cinque Ports.

Also one of the easiest places in Britain to get one's head kicked in.
Town's official charter: "If you want a fight, try Dover on a Friday night. Some of the head cases here can shove your shit back a fortnight."
by Wizards Sleeve May 19, 2005
1) Capital city of Delaware

2) A painfully boring country town in the middle of nowhere in Ohio. Unless you're really into American football, this place offers noting fun to do, especially if you don't have money, and getting a decent job around here is even harder than it is in most of America. One redeeming thing is that it isn't crime ridden like Canton, but in Dover, you can die from being so bored.
1) Dover is the capital of the first state of Delaware.

2) All there is to do in Dover, Ohio is to go to bars and leave.
by Someone living in Dover, Ohio August 05, 2009
A Dover is a female of caucasian descent (usually blonde and slutty) with a preference for males of African origin. Observations of this species have shown that..."Once you go black, you never go back"
Danny: O matey, i think i could be in with that blonde and slutty girl over there.

Tyrone: Nah bruv, trust, she is a proper dover, even if you did get near her you wouldn't even touch the sides.
by Manor11a May 15, 2009
Dover is a small, seaside town in South East Kent, England. Dover is most famous for its White Cliffs and Norman castle. Dover town center is average, but lots of shops are closed down and/or boarded up. Dover is quite multi-cultural too.
Dover? Yeah, that's a little town in England.
by CharmCat April 24, 2011
Dover is a little town in Ohio. Most people here are either on drugs, whores, or are hicks. You have the people from the south side who are either from the ghettos of Dover or are more poor than others. Then you have the people from the east side. the people from the east side tend to have more money than the ones on the south side. This is the newer part of town. The only thing to do in this little town is to watch football (only during football season August-November) or smoke some pot while hanging at Circle K. Most people around here know a drug dealer even if they aren't on drugs at all. At Dover High School, you have your fair share of cliques-The Popular Girls, The Mean Girls, The Jocks, The Nerds, The Emos, and the Druggies. Some people fit into multiple categories. Eg. The Jocks and the Druggies. It is too easy to become bored in this town, it is full of old people and there is nothing to do. Only come here if you want nothing to do because honestly, this place isn't very fun.
Today, I went to Dover, Ohio; the place where you can die of boredom.
by beaglebabex3 October 24, 2010
See definition of "badass"
You know Dover?

Yeah, he's that guy that plays guitar and builds choppers. I hear he's a real badass.
by cholit@ March 14, 2010
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