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The feeling one gets towards a member of the opposite sex after spending a short amount of time with them. often confused with love, this sudden infatuation will drive them crazy with this "false love". often leads the sufferer to:

1. Spend all day thinking about said person
2. Do whatever they can to spent time with said person this includes AIM
3.Thinking of marrying said person

*The doushens takes a form of True love and extreme affection for the subject, rather than sexual urges.

After a while the Doushens soon passes leaving the sufferer from attracting a new condition called

"WTF was i thinking" syndrome. The sudden relapse into the real world will often be sudden and rather relieving for the sufferer and their friends.
=O OMG i am so in love with this girl/guy

=/ How long have you known her?

=O 1 a week

=/ Shit man you've got the doushens.
by alphamadkient December 25, 2009
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