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The singular form of the word dice

It is a play on how mouse is the singular form of the plural mice, yet die is the singular form of dice.
Toss me the douse you scandalous wench!
by NightlifeCommando July 27, 2010
27 9
to have sex with, hard and in some instances to beat up/pwn
you live near lauren...i woulda doused that bitch by now.
by DousinTZ June 11, 2009
10 9
to take or "drop" acid (LSD).
"I doused tonight for the first time in a while, and it is kicking in now."
-Doug Stanhope, ACID
by El Roberto March 12, 2005
8 9

To split a cigarette with another person.
Alicia: Want to douse that cigarette with me?
Rebecca: Sure.
by Alicia Jane March 17, 2008
4 9
n: A form of the word douche, it describes any form of CJ Schneider, or anyone acting in his fashion.
Mike: What is CJ?
Bruce: Yeah, i wonder what a good word would be to define him
John's Computer: CJ is a douse!

The Knave: I... am an absconder!
by JohnMikeBruceTheKnave October 14, 2004
3 8
n. An insult. Often used by a party not partaking in the argument.
John: Your mum is a fat bitch
Jim: Your mum is a fat bitch with herpes.
Fred: Oh! Douse!
by Crabsoneyes January 06, 2005
6 12
Weed on the air conditioner.
Who left that douse on the air conditioner?
by rachelisfucked October 30, 2006
3 11