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Doug-ugly. For those of you who have a friend named doug who happens to be ugly.
Doug's Friend 1: "Man that doug sure is ugly"
Doug's Friend 2: "Dougly?"
by DougBasher9000 June 20, 2006
An ugliness beyond 'fugly'. A person who is ugly in every aspect of their being (such as my douchebag brother Doug). Someone whose looks, personality, and mannerisms are all severely ugly.
My god you are dougly.
by Lugiratina July 07, 2014
"dougly" is a term used when one golfer borrows another golfer's brand-new driver and proceeds to hit under the ball leaving a rather visible skymark on the top of the new driver.
golfer1: so I was at the range with Ted yesterday and got to hit his new RT-7 driver!

golfer2: did you leave a dougly on it?

golfer1: haha! fortunately, no -- he would have been really pissed at me....
by POF November 13, 2005
1. Quite possibly the coolest dude ever, but he is overweight
Dougly is cool but he is fat
by jvbhof March 28, 2005
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