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1. A fresh haircut
2. But nowadays your Swag
Ex. 1. "man I just a fresh new Dougie"
Ex. 2. "My Dougie to fresh/Sharp".
by D-Hood74 July 25, 2011
To insert one's fingers into anothers anus, whether wanted or unwanted, request or surprize.
Man, if you don't calm down, i'll dougie you.

Dude, i totally dougied this girl in my class.

I will dougie for cash.

Dougie or death. (War cry of the Muldoon brothers)
by Dildo Appreciation Society October 22, 2010
A atrocious, lewd, deranged and perverse homosexual act of the utmost vile matter, preferably performed on minors under the age of 18; more specifically 4-6 year olds, as taught by the evil occultist song 'Teach Me How To Dougie' by Cali Swag District and Stephanie Meyer also known as the Cali Fag District and Supreme Dark Overload Meyer who are international terrorists and renowned members of the Illuminati bent on desecrating every little child's virginity by means of anal sex. a favourite "treat" for all twilight readers.

2. also an abnormally thick, deformed, irregularly shaped and coloured male genital averaging a size of 36 feet long and 8 feet wide decorated with rainbows, unicorns, and sparkles; usually a trait of homosexuals and twilight readers.
1. Brady: "Mmmmm, baby, teach me how to dougie!! Reeeeaaaaaalll hard. Until we can't dougie no more!!!!"

Colin: "I LOVE TO DOUGIE!!! I'm gonna dougie you everywhere I can imagine. I'm going to teach how to dougie all night long, however you want it."

by southernrebeljimmybobjoedean August 11, 2010
A Guy which produce's so Much cum it can fill the Earth 2x!!!
Wtf did you see that dougie???
by chornogubskifier February 14, 2009
A dougie is a huge mistake, a piece of shit, or a thing that sucks massively.*

*Inspired by the shitty song Teach Me How To Dougie, which has an overly simple beat and is done by a group called Cali Swag District who sounds high as proverbial shit. They should be called High as Balls No-Swag District.

Furthermore, Teach Me How To Jerk by Audio Push is legit.
Lola: "Oooh, girl, I went to get my nails did and the bitch messed dem up and now my nails look like some fuckin' dougies."

MoReen: "Damn, that is some dougie shit!"
by IKnowFresh June 30, 2010
To ram a sexual partner from behind with great, desperate velocity, usually with lips pursed, buttocks clenched and jowls shaking. Derived from the "Michael Douglas" style of explicit onscreen sex in the 1990s. Can also be used figuratively.
Wife: Honey, can I have a Dougie again.

Husband: Sure, I give girls Dougie's all the time.
by BananaMushFan27 June 01, 2010
The Dougie is a dance made famous by Lil Wil

Dougie means PENIS or DICK in the song not his dam hair cut; also means swagga

She said she like my dougie im fresh my dougie.

I know the maker of the song personally so take my word.

My Dougie is a Dallas Dance Song
She said she like my dougie im fresh my dougie
by Sir Saula October 28, 2008