1. Someone who is a dumbass.
2. Someone with no idea what they're talking about.
3. Someone who can't do anything at all.
*Pronounced like THROAT..but with a D instead of a THR sound!
"Dan, you're a dought" yelled Sampson
"Huh what oh yeah really hmm.." said Mexican Dan in a muffled voice
"Learn to speak you DOUGHT!" Yelled everyone including Sampson.

by ChrisSampsonite April 25, 2008
Top Definition
-an idiot,someone with no understanding of anything what so ever.

-a overall stupid person, seems to feature no itellegence what so ever.

-a person who does idiotical things with no understanding of their actions.
-as the fat man tried to call the police with his ipod,
-as the man walked into the pharmacy and ordered a big-mac,

Dan and sampson stood there calling the man a ''DOUGHT''

by Chris Sampsonite April 25, 2008
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