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The act of restraining your partner by cuddling to prevent them initiating sexual intercourse during sleep. Passive female equivalent of the cock-block.
'Oh my god, she just wouldn't leave me alone last night. I had to Doug Hug her.'

'I got Doug Hugged, the bastard.'
by PeechyKean July 07, 2012
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A Doug Hug is a full on cuddle of Scottish origin. Doug Hugs are particularly popular amongst men from Edinburgh. The myth being that once a woman receives a Doug Hug she falls instantly under his spell. So far 2017 has shown a spike in the number of post Doug Hug marriage proposals. Women have been warned by police forces throughout the British Isles to be careful and to be cautious of Scottish men with dazzling smiles and long arms.
Sarah walked through the door of the bar. Before she knew it a Scottish fellow, grabbed her and Doug hugged her, leaving her a swooning mess.
by PocketRocket67 March 02, 2017
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