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Noun; A person that is such a douche bag that nothing else describes him/her.

The state of being directly after douche rocket. The lowest form or state of douche.
Oh man did you see Chad's shoes today, he's such a doucheworm.
by eminemmac10andezeallinone February 15, 2012
A douche who is also a bookworm, fairly self-explainitory
God Lauren is such a douche worm.
by Jonathan T Rogers March 05, 2008
These mythical worm like creatures are said to live off bacteria that forms in old bottles of douche. Upon use they can travel into the woman's vagina and take up residence, much like an STD.
Jason: Hey Sally; have you ever consider checking your vagina for douche worms?
Sally: Douche worms, in my vagina?
Jason: Yeah, it's more likely than you think!
Sally: They're in me. I can feel it... I used an old bottle of douche last week, and I have been wondering where that tingling sensation has been coming from.
by Terik October 29, 2007

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