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1. A large group of professional douches sworn to their profession of doucheness.

2. Term intended to identify a group of people collectively as douchebags working in tandem.
"Dude, if Hilary Clinton, Stewie Griffin, Jerry Springer, Simon Cowell, and a group of reality TV stars teamed up, that would be one helluva douchesquad!"
by I'mma Venitian January 04, 2010
a group, can be small in number (3-5), of humans who are self-absorbed. they are often seen in the same place doing douchey things, speaking of obscure colloquialisms, or sharing ideas on foreign films. also, they often have no regard for other people.
uuuugh, the douche squad strikes again!
by cafeG March 03, 2010
A group of douches. (Read: Douchey people).
Also pertains to a certain computer repair company.
"That's some straight up Douche Squad shit right there!"
by jazzmang September 27, 2006
A group or gathering of doucebags is refered to as a "DoucheSquad" same as a large number of wolves would be known as a "pack" of wolves, a group of a collective of douchebags hanging out is known as a "DoucheSquad".
sarah-"Oh my god, why is there a douchebag convention in our kitchen?"

sarah's freind- " sarah,its called a DoucheSquad! There is a DoucheSquad, in our kitchen.

sarah- Oh my bad! there appears to be a DoucheSquad in our kitchen, and they're really starting to get on my tits!!!!
by the oracle of bad taste March 01, 2011
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