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1.Faggot cops that will never give you a good break.
2.Ass holes who enjoy pushing you into door frames when you walk by.
3.A friend who just makes things worse.
ex:1. "did that guy just give you a ticket? yea... What a douche pig!"
ex:2. -walking happily by and rammed into frame- "DOUCHEPIG!"
ex:3. "dude did he just punch you in the face?" "yea bro it hurt like hell." "you know whats good for that?" "what?" "Dead Arm!" "....douchpig..."
by thatterriblechild May 09, 2010
a metal head not currently being metal, some one who is not currently being metal. insult.
dude my friend became such a douche pig when he went to that nightwish concert
nightwish = unmetal
by deadlykitty August 27, 2006