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Adjective: A combination of a Douchebag and a meathead, or A retarted Meathead.

Verb: {Douchemeating} Being a fat lazy good for nothing piece of shit.
If u have a friend that is on the butt juice and his IQ is the same as his shoe size thats Douchemeat material.
by Luis-clw April 18, 2006
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The derevitive of Meat Ball and Douche Bag. In simple terms, it's everything that you don't want to be. Can be brought in to simplified terms... I.E. Shmeat.
That fucking Douche Meat scared every single girl away with those nasty farts last night.
by BBlanc March 05, 2009
A person who is a jock or hard ass who think they are cool by the car they have and or job they have.
Hey john over there sure is a douche meat showing off his new car.
by Fat Ass McBlobicus December 20, 2006

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